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We offer a range of complementary and tailor-made services, aligned on the evolution of your activities.  Should we discuss about a market study in order to comfort your choices and your project, or about the creation of a subsidiary, amongst advisory on specific problems, without forgetting pragmatic marketing activities supporting your development.  

YeS is your business partner listening to your needs, proposing solutions and assisting you in the development of your activities.


Our offering :
Undertaking a market study is a mandatory step, should you envisage to create a company or think about launching a new solution. We handle the study on the market of your choice (France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, etc.) and will meet several levels of stakeholders who should give you a decisive feedback on your offering and ambitions. Our detailed report will allow you to recieve also a first list of potential customers. These opportunities will be the basis for sales activities that we could lead and undertake for you, if you decide it, under the frame of our « Business Development » offering.
Our tools :
  • Face-to-face interviews
  • SWOT analysis
  • Phone discussions
  • Web forms
market study
business development
  • Multiple-choice question forms
  • E-mail or social network survey


Our offering :

You benefit from the services of a local senior Business Development Manager as well as an all-inclusive package (company car, local sales office, mobile phone,..). Our consultants are able to instantly start your activities under your company brand and name, using your business cards and e-mail address.

Launch or boost your sales activities in Luxembourg or in the Greater Region with the support of:
  • Local business developers with good connections to key influencers and decision makers
  • Professional infrastructures (sales office, meeting rooms, wifi, print/scan services, catering services,...)
  • Multidisciplinary skills, guarrantee of a large autonomy: ground skills (pre-sales, sales, marketing, project follow-up, hiring,...) in several business contexts (ICT, Consulting, HR, marketing, operations,...)
  • A company created in 2009, with an excellent reputation and strong financial assets
marketing& communication


Our offering :

For us, marketing is not an end in itself. It should be considered as a tool supporting sales and the promotion of your company, products and solutions. We will thus be thinking with you about the relevance of your project and expectations, and undertake for you the needed operational activities.


We can handle the entire process of creating an event:


  • Workshop regarding the subject you want to highlight

  • Choice of the formula (breakfast, roundtable, lunch, etc.) and the ideal date

  • Choice of the location and the catering provider(s) if needed

  • Population of a qualified database, for the invitations

  • Creation of marketing material (invitations, mailings, name tags, feedback forms, …)

  • Handling and follow-up of the invitations, incl. phone & e-mail reminders

  • Sending a customized e-mail to our preferred contacts

  • Attendance on the D-day in order to manage it closely and to connect you with the attendees

  • Follow-up of the event by the means of a thank you e-mail and creation of a sales pipeline


We offer an alternative approach to traditional event agencies for the same budget : creation of a tailor-made event, in order to present yourself to the local market and to bring relevant answers to its needs, thus helping you develop your first sales success.

We also provide human skills and technical assets in order to produce a short video (usually 1"30), using a drone as an option for aeriel views, in order to cover an event, communicate on a product or offering, or just in order to let people know more about your company.

company set up


Our offering :


We handle for you all administrative and operational activities.

We will help you choose the best location for your future office, but also the good provider that will assist you the most during the launch of your activities (banks, trust office, IT services, etc.).

We can also advise you in recruiting or broader in your day-to-day management including the preparation of your executive committees and your board of directors. 

Last but not least, if you wish so, we can help you in developing your activities by acting on your behalf in the market under the frame of our « Business Development » offering.


We assist you in putting in place your project by continuous advisory, along the evolution of your activities, in order to save you time and money as well as to avoid the traps that exists within every entrepreneur's journey:

  • Analysis of your project and the issues you are facing

  • ​As-is and To-be definition

  • Phasing activities in ordert to better manage the priorities

  • Undertaking of a market study

  • Selection of legal form

  • Choice of your infrastructure

  • First recruitements

business consulting


Our offering :
First of all, we analyze your request and assess if we are able to help. Then, we together define a tailor-made approach in order to meet your expectations. This will be represented by a project plan highlighting the main steps we foresee in order to solve your problem. It will be taking into account all dimensions of your company or business unit.
Our advisory services rely on a tailor-made approach as well as pragmatic actions in specific matters, where we do not only have expertise but also sound experience :
  • Creation or reorganization of a company or a department

  • Creation and localization of an offering (Go-to-market)

  • Definition of a Strategic Plan and a Business Plan

  • Fundraising

  • Company acquisition and selling

  • Coaching of general managers, boardmembers and sales director


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