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In order to better understand local market in Luxembourg in a very short time, please enjoy the videos we selected amongst the material provided by agencies specialized in the development of Luxembourg.

These videos will help you be immersed in the country's dynamic, throught its cultural, social and entrepreneurship potential.

Discover Luxembourg:

A modern fairy tale 


Boring, monotonous, unsophisticated and provincial? Think again. Rather than being just a city, Luxembourg is a country full of attractions and contrasts, where tradition and modernity coincide harmoniously. Technological and social innovation combined with fast and flexible responses are the key to the Grand Duchy's advance on the international stage. 

Source : Alem Luxembourg

Is it true what they say about ... Luxembourg?


Impressive nature, rich diverse culture, outstanding cuisine, superb outdoor activities, and a bustling nightlife, are but a few reasons why Luxembourg is such an attractive tourist destination. Discover a unique and surprising country which offers visitors a fascinating mixture of history and modernity, urban landscapes and nature, activity and relaxation. Check out this video clip to get a first taste of the many astonishing facets the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has to offer. 

Source : Visit Luxembourg

A little piece of Luxembourg everywhere


Luxembourg for Finance and Luxembourg for Business have launched a new animated video “ A little piece of Luxembourg everywhere” demonstrating that the country, in addition to being a leading financial centre, plays a prominent role in a wide range of industries. While financial services play an important role, accounting for 25% of GDP, other sectors such as steel production, IT, health technologies, logistics and car components are all highly developed.

Source : Luxembourg for business


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