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The Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg is our initial territory, where the company was created, and the prime target market of our customers. 

It is a misknown territory, but on which we totalize dozens of years of experience.

It is a charming and engaging market, complex at first sight, but on which we would be happy to guide you.


Luxembourg is a constitutional monarchy with parliamentary democracy. With its 2586 km², the country is considered as one of the smallest in Europe. The Grand-Duchy lies between Belgium, Germany and France.

The country positions itself as a big european capital city. Multilingualism is a common practice. However, the administrative language is French, although Luxembourgish is still very appreciated by a part of the population.

On the 1st of January 2015, Luxembourg had 563.000 inhabitants, including 46% of foreign inhabitants from more than 170 nationalities.

Its dynamic economy let it enjoy in 2015 of a 3,3% GDP growth, while job creation rate has increased of 2,3%. Without any doubt, this situation is linked to the 3rd place of the country in the worldwide ranking of open economies regarding competitiveness, behing Hong Kong and Singapore.

If we enlarge the scope by 30km across the borders, the « Greater Region » provides a potential of 1,5 millions consumers.

The main advantages lie in its strategic location in Europe, the quality of its transport, logistics and communication infrastructures, the availability of a qualified and multilingual workforce, the political and economical stability, the attractiveness of the legal and tax frames, the multicultural environment, the international and open spirit and one of the highest quality of life.


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